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Welcome to Wooden You Know!

Thank you for visiting Wooden You Know!  What started as a request from our son to make him a Crokinole board has grown into a small business.  We create these boards in a wood working shop located in South Carolina.  Each board is carefully hand crafted and finished - a process that involves more than 25 steps.  Allowing for design, printing, finishing and curing time, each board is in process from four to six weeks.  The pictures on the following pages are representative of our boards.  We will happily customize your board with choice of stain, printed picture, veneer or inlay.  As craftsmen working with wood, each Crokinole board will have some variations from others like it providing you with a one of a kind item.  We hope you are able to find what you are looking for!  If you do not see what you want, be sure to email us and ask about it.

Come join us at 

for Holiday at the Hamptons.  

We will be there 

on Saturday, 

December 8.

It seems much too early to be planning for Christmas!

  However a custom board takes 6 - 8 weeks so 

if you are thinking of ordering a custom board 

for Christmas - NOW is the time!

(On orders after Nov. 1st, we will send an email with a picture if the board will not be complete by Christmas)