Wooden You Know

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Several times we have had a particular board at a show and had someone say, "I would love that deck if it was on this other backer."  We have created this page to show you the different backers we have in stock.  Any deck can be attached to any backer.  If you don't see just what you are looking for, please contact us.  We have rails in different woods (walnut, cherry, red oak and sapele) and can paint or stain the red oak.  This allows us to create a huge variety of backers.  We can also stain the wood of the backer with a variety of colors so if you are interested in a different color, let us know. 

Currently in stock:  Natural backer with walnut, cherry, sapele, and red oak stained rails in ebony or blue.  Blue backer with walnut, sapele or red oak rails. Red mahogany backer with red oak rails.  Ebony backer with sapele or red oak rails.  We have walnut, cherry, sapele and red oak rail boards in stock and can easily make any backer you would like.