Wooden You Know

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We can print almost any high definition file onto a board to create a Crokinole board.  We can not do anything that is copyrighted but can do any art done by an artist who grants permission to use their work or anything in the public domain.  We will gladly develop any picture that meets the guidelines.  We are also able to download images from Adobe Stock.  You can browse there for free so if you are looking for something specific, try that.  It works best for us to use the vector files so select that option before you search.  Here are the files we have ready to go.  These are ready to print so can be off to the printer immediately.

Most of the files are background neutral - meaning they can be printed on any color background.  We can stain the boards a variety of colors - we use the Minwax stains so anything in their oil based wood stains and most in their water base stains work.