Wooden You Know

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Standard Crokinole Board

Our boards are made with birch plywood. The deck is 26 inches across and is made with ¾ inch ply which we customize with stain. 

The octagonal backer board is ½ inch ply and measures about 32.5 inches across the diagonal. It has a custom hand-planed and routed hard wood rail (may be walnut, cherry, red oak or sapele). The back of the board comes with keyhole slots that allow you to hang this beautiful game board on the wall to enjoy as art while not in play. It also has recessed slots that allow you to store the discs in the board so you never have to wonder where you left the bag with the discs.

We are able to put any of the decks on any of the different backers (natural or stained Red Mahogany, Ebony or Island Blue).  Please take a look at the backer page to see the various options available.  Not sure what you like?  Email us and let us know which backers you are considering and we will email you pictures of the deck you want on the different backers  The decks do not have their pegs yet as we ask you to choose brass or silver.

Standard boards are $175 plus shipping.  The price includes the board, game instructions and 26 discs, 13 in each color. Discs come in Natural, Colonial Maple, Gunstock, Red Mahogany, Black, White, Red, Garnet, Yellow, Blue, Orange, Green, Gray, Purple, Lavender and Pink.  You may select any two colors.

Clicking the Buy Now button will immediately take you to PayPal to make a payment.  If you have questions or want to see pictures of a deck with different backers, please email us and we will work out details then send an invoice.   woodenyouknow100@gmail.com